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The Three Little Pigs
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Snow White
Welcome to the Fairy Tale: The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs is presented by Esteparata The Wise Fairy.
Esteparata The Wise Fairy
The first step to attracting Esteparata The Wise Fairy is putting out the right pots. In Fairy Tales, the pot put out determines what grows on top of the Toadstool. Each of the pots to the right will attract Esteparata The Wise Fairy. The pots do NOT have to be used in a certain order, but are presented here in the same order in which they are sold for organization's sake.
'Three Little Pigs' Pot - Straw 'Three Little Pigs' Pot - Wood 'Three Little Pigs' Pot - Brick
In the pot, you will need to plant a Fairy Tale seed, which will then grow to be a Fairy Tale Toadstool.
Fairy Tale Seed Fairy Tale Toadstool
Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale
When the Fairy Tale Toadstool becomes Ready for Harvest, on top of it will be the bait that attracts Esteparata The Wise Fairy. To visit your garden, the fairy needs both a plate out with mixed berries and a Toadstool with 'bait' on top of it. One or the other is not enough. The fairy will continue to visit your garden while there is both 'bait' and Wild Berries until there is an empty plate for them to harvest the food onto. Once the fairy harvests your toadstool, you would need to regrow the toadstool with a new seed in order to get more 'bait' on it.
Straw Wood Brick
Straw WoodBrick
Esteparata The Wise Fairy will harvest the food onto an empty platter and will provide the same quality of food that she was originally attracted to. Meaning that if you put out Double Organic Wild Berries you will get Double Organic food, whereas if you put out Regular Wild Berries, you will get Regular food.
Straw Wood Brick
Straw Wood Brick
The Straw will attract the First Little Pig.
First Little Pig
The Wood will attract the Second Little Pig.
First Little Pig
The Brick will attract the Third Little Pig.
First Little Pig
Be careful though, without a Supershroom to deter him, all of the foods will also attract the Big Bad Wolf who will steal the food preventing the critters you are trying to attract from coming.
Big Bad Wolf
In order to complete the quest, you will need to have 5 of each little pigs spotted in your garden. We have yet to determine a shortcut to verify that you are complete, but to click through and find that you are done you can:
  • Go to Pots (on Fairyland)
  • Click the Fairy Tale Tab
  • Under the Fairy Tale you are working on there will be another tale. Click that.
  • If you have a green check mark and the pots say Buy (not Locked) then you have completed the quest as shown below.
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