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Welcome to the Fairy Tale: The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling is presented by Formosinia The Blossom Fairy.
Formosinia The Blossom Fairy
The first step to attracting Formosinia The Blossom Fairy is putting out the right pot. In Fairy Tales, the pot put out determines what grows on top of the Toadstool.
Ugly Duckling Pot
Ugly Duckling Pot
In the pot, you will need to plant a Fairy Tale seed, which will then grow to be a Fairy Tale Toadstool.
Fairy Tale Seed Fairy Tale Toadstool
Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale
When the Fairy Tale Toadstool becomes Ready for Harvest, on top of it will be the bait (an egg) that attracts Formosinia the Blossom Fairy. To visit your garden, the fairy needs several things: a plate out with mixed berries, a Toadstool with 'bait' on top of it, and for the egg to be harvested an empty nest. The fairy will continue to visit your garden while there is both 'bait' and Wild Berries until there is an empty nest for them to harvest the egg onto. Once the fairy harvests your toadstool, you would need to regrow the toadstool with a new seed in order to get another egg on it.
Fairytale Toadstool Egg
Once Formonsinia the Blossom Fairy visits, she will harvest the egg from the toadstool and place it into a completed empty nest. Once there is a duckling egg in a nest in your garden you will need bird mix on a low table for ducklings and ugly ducklings to arrive. While it is possible to get 'twins' on one egg, you are only guaranteed one duckling or ugly duckling with each egg.
Duckling Egg in Nest
The Duckling Egg will attract the both the Duckling and the Ugly Duckling. Without a Supershroom, there is a greater chance of Ducklings than Ugly Ducklings, but with a Supershroom in your garden there is about a 50/50 chance of either critter arriving, but your wish is to attract Ugly Ducklings as they are the ones that turn into Beautiful Swans.
DucklingUgly Duckling
Once you have attracted five Ugly Ducklings to your garden, they will begin to return as Beautiful Swans. One Beautiful Swan will return for each Ugly Duckling spotted in your garden..
Beautiful Swan
In order to complete the quest, you will need to have 5 of the beautiful swans spotted in your garden. We have yet to determine a shortcut to verify that you are complete, but to click through and find that you are done you can:
  • Go to Pots (on Fairyland)
  • Click the Fairy Tale Tab
  • Under the Fairy Tale you are working on there will be another tale. Click that.
  • If you have a green check mark and the pots say Buy (not Locked) then you have completed the quest as shown below.
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