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TFC's All About Gold!

Ways to earn and make Gold!

This page will tell you how to collect and make gold. So lets not hang about! Let's get to it!
    #1 ~ Click ''Find Gold'' when in your Garden, and the following page will open. Click 'Collect Here' when it reads 'It's available now!'. This can be collected every 3 hours. Your reward will vary between 5 and 10 Gold each time and occasionally you will get a bonus diamond also.
Find Gold Page
Once you click the stack of coins you will get a message similar to the one below informing you of what you have won.
Find Gold Page
We recommend that as soon as you do this you click # 2'Find Snails' if you can find a plant to revive after collecting your 3 hourly gold and revive one then you will earn 5 more gold, but only if there is no garden game present and no critter is waiting to be spotted.
Find Gold Page
1) Revive a wilter with a Diamond.(Use Diamonds, this itself saves Gold) 2) Once revived you will get a snail (Only when NO garden game is present) 3) Click on the Hungry Snail 4) Your Gold will then appear and be added to your Gold Total
Find Gold Page
If you have friends on Facebook who also play Fairyland then another place to check regularly is #3 'Collect from Friends'. If anyone has gold ready to be collected it will show as in the below image. If you are fast enough you will collect the gold, then click ''Back to available Gold Page'' if any more friend gold is available you will be able to collect it. If there is non ready currently a screen will show up telling you so, but there is a option to 'Show Upcoming Gold', but you have to be very quick using this method! You will earn either 1 or 2 gold per friend per collection depending on how active they are.
Find Gold Page
Around every 7 days you may notice that you can collect #4 ''Hunt the Bug'' You can click the hint and it will tell you which page to find it hiding. Clicking on the bug once found will bank you 20 Gold.
Every 12 hours you will be able to collect your Magical Mushroom games. Each time you collect 3 games. You can save them up or play them then. Click on the Mushroom to play some games.
Find Gold Page
You can win between 1,2,3,5 or 10 Gold, Special Ingredients, a diamond or Fairy Dusts. Simply choose ANY 3 of the 5 mushrooms by clicking on them. Match a pair and win that item. All items will be banked automatically.
Find Gold Page
Click on 'Pick Mushrooms' to play more games. You will see how many you have saved up to play.
Find Gold Page
#6 Every time you Level Up in Fairyland you will receive 20 Gold!
      #7 & #8 Herbalism & Alchemy are other ways to make gold.Click here to see how.
              # 9 Is to hunt 1st Wildlife. This is when a garden is expecting it's first of a particular critter. They vary in value from 10 Gold - 100 Gold.
              Find Gold Page
              # 10 Buy Gold! It's really the only way to earn Stardust for Superfood. If you do decide to buy Gold then wait until there is a offer on when you get Double Stardust for your money. The offers generally happen every few months or so.
              Find Gold Page

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