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 Level Up (Levels 1-7)
Cumulus Albiflorus
Bellis Lycaena
Carmena Uniflora
Rosa Amora
Stella Velleflora
Solaris Igniflorus
Luna Serena
Apis Melliflora
 Level Up (Levels 8-18)
Carmena Aviflora
Opis Centiflora
Flora Praecocia
Rosa Praecocia
Tulipa Praecocia
Opis Magiflora
Odonata Igniflora
Dulcia Somniflora
 Level Up (Levels 19-26)
Lilium Ranidae
Piscis Aquabullae (Red)
Piscis Aquabullae (Orange)
Piscis Aquabullae (Yellow)
Piscis Aquabullae (Green)
Piscis Aquabullae (Blue)
Piscis Aquabullae (Indigo)
Piscis Aquabullae (Violet)
Piscis Aquabullae
Solaris Lycaena
Cumulus Amora
Fructus Odonata
Opis Iridiflora
Asteres Planetai
Magnus Planetai
 Level Up (Levels 27-34)
Hibernus Planetai
Cattus Peloflorus
Flora Formicidae
Opis Auriflora
Ventus Quatriflorus
Dulcia Zingibera
Dulcia Saccaflora
Dulcis Fructus
 Level Up (Levels 35-42)
Dulcia Glaciaflora
Opis Solaflora
Aureus Naturalis
Aureus Fibonaccius
Aureus Primus
Aureus Triangularis
Opis Alia Iridiflora
Thornbloom Herb
Sundragon Herb
Spring Crown Herb
Nestflower Herb
Snowstar Herb
Nightrose Herb
Mountain Whisper Herb
Moyogi Bonsai
Chie Bonsai
Taiyo Bonsai
Barrel Cactus
Saguaro Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus
Organ Pipe Cactus
Fairyland Agaric Mushroom
Enchanted White Mushrooms
Enchanted Baby Mushroom
Enchanted Golden Mushrooms
Enchanted Rainbow Mushroom
Gathering Elves Mushrooms
Golden Deceiver Mushroom
Gathering Pixies Mushrooms
Amethyst Parasol Mushroom
Gathering Fairies Mushrooms
Pink Cap Mushroom
Enchanted Pink Mushroom
Enchanted Black Mushroom
Forest Ruby
Forest Amber
Forest Sunlight
Forest Emerald
Forest Sapphire
Forest Moonlight
Forest Amethyst
 Enchanted Jewels
Enchanted Forest Ruby
Enchanted Forest Amber
Enchanted Forest Sunlight
Enchanted Forest Emerald
Enchanted Forest Sapphire
Enchanted Forest Moonlight
Enchanted Forest Amethyst
Completed Snowman
Scarecrow with No Face
Nesting Tree
Ice Flower
New Years Flower
First Flower of Spring
Earth Flower
Bouquet of Flowers
Pink Ribbon Plant
Halloween Flower
Christmas Tree
Indigo and Yellow Honey Blossom
Red Honey Blossom
Orange Honey Blossom
Yellow Honey Blossom
Green Honey Blossom
Blue Honey Blossom
Indigo Honey Blossom
Violet Honey Blossom
Rainbow Honey Blossom
Yellow and Green Honey Blossom
Violet, Red and Blue Honey Blossom
Fructus Randomus
Green Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Blue Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Indigo Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Violet Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Red Coral
Orange Coral
Yellow Coral
Green Coral
Blue Coral
Indigo Coral
Violet Coral
Birthday Flower
Tall Topiary Bush
Round Topiary Bush
Trick Or Treat plant
Fairytale Toadstool
Underwater Toadstool
Red Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Orange Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Yellow Pondweed (Underwater Garden Needed)
Aquarius Zodiac Flower
Scorpio Zodiac Flower
Sagittarius Zodiac Flower
Capricorn Zodiac Flower
Pisces Zodiac Flower
Aries Zodiac Flower
Taurus Zodiac Flower
Gemini Zodiac Flower
Cancer Zodiac Flower
Leo Zodiac Flower
Virgo Zodiac Flower
Libra Zodiac Flower
Red Butterpillaflora
Orange Butterpillaflora
Yellow Butterpillaflora
Green Butterpillaflora
Blue Butterpillaflora
Indigo Butterpillaflora
Violet Butterpillaflora
Rainbow Butterpillaflora
ANY Butterpillaflora
 Special Plants
Birthstone - Peridot
Birthstone - Blue Topaz
Birthstone - Citrine
Birthstone - Opal
Birthstone - Sapphire
Birthstone - Ruby
Birthstone - Pearl
Birthstone - Emerald
Birthstone - Diamond
Birthstone - Aquamarine
Birthstone - Amyethyst
Birthstone - Garnet
 Fairy Tale Food
Small Buttercup
Medium Buttercup
Big Buttercup
Rosy Apple
Red Gemstones
Orange Gemstones
Yellow Gemstones
Green Gemstones
Blue Gemstones
Indigo Gemstones
Violet Gemstones
Hot Porridge
Cold Porridge
Just Right Porridge
 Opis Solaflora
 The Opis Solaflora can be found on the Level Up (Levels 35-42) tab of the Fairyland Seed Shoppe and is available for all gardens that have reached level 36.
Opis Solaflora Seed
 Without dusting, this plant takes 5 days to be fully grown and a total of 35 days to be ready for harvest. If the plant is not watered for 24 hours it will wilt and if left unwatered for 48 hours it will die.
Fully Grown Opis Solaflora
 When it is ready for harvest it bears the Pot of Gold. Harvesting a Opis Solaflora provides for the protection of 10 square feet of rainforest.
Pot of Gold
Nothing attracted when fully grown (FG)     Nothing attracted when ready for harvest (RFH)
Nothing repelled when fully grown (FG)     Nothing repelled when ready for harvest (RFH)

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